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Special tour programme had been printed as Gimme! August they rehearsed in the Europa Studios outside Stockholm. The tour. After a summer break, rehearsals continued in August.

Your information will never be sold, and you can unsubscribe at any time. September 1979 saw the launch of ABBA’s autumn tour of North America and Europe.

The next day it was ABBA's turn to Because ABBA needed more time for the Voulez-Vous album these plans were condensed and Eastern Europe and most of Asia were dropped, only the Japan tour 1980 remained. In the end they lost about $US 200,000 with the North American concerts and couldn’t push their record sales as much as they hoped for. The venue originally was listed as Portland Opera House, but was changed after the tour programmes had been printed. trucks apparently supplied by the Edwin Shirley Trucking company.

But onstage their feelings were more divided.

Plans also were to include a completely new song, On August 10 a recording of several rehearsed tracks was made including My Love, My Life, One Man, One Woman and The King Has Lost His Crown (The Complete Recording Sessions 2017, p. 338). It bore inscription "ABBA" on one side and "Thank you" on the other, Therefore, they finally bit the bullet and decided to make a concert tour of the United States in the autumn of 1979. In Focus: The Name Of The Game – Into A New World. In Edmonton ABBA drove to the Four Seasons Hotel soon after their arrival on September 10 at 18.20 with Air Canada flight 216. The atmosphere this day was very special as In the backing band were mostly ABBA’s usual tour and studio regulars: Ola Brunkert on drums, Rutger Gunnarsson on bass, and Lasse Wellander on guitar. The tour went on from Canada to various cities in the United States, and then back to Canada again, before ABBA returned to Sweden for a break. Departing from the Arlanda airport in Stockholm. The critics were divided in their opinion of the show, some praising the group, others complaining that ABBA were too well-behaved, far from the usual stadium rock’n’roll performance. ABBA usually travelled by private jet, Agnetha travelled by limousine or with the band in the bus whenever the distance between two cities was close enough. Audio recording might come from the video. A fan recording is said to exist and be available as bootleg (vinyl). After Benny’s solo performance ABBA played a set of 11 songs: Detailed information about the track list is not available.
The concert was shifted by one hour to allow enough time for crew and equipment to arrive, After the concert Björn and Benny shortly met the press before ABBA left already, heading for Los Angeles, ABBA arrived in the very early morning of September 20 and stayed at the Sunset Marquis Hotel in Hollywood where their children and some friends joined them, it was ABBA's homebase for the next concerts until September 25, A press conference for Japanese journalists was held that day (more than 20 came over from Japan), On September 21 ABBA visited Disneyland where ABBA also rented room for the time until their concert, Björn considered this concert to be one of the most important concerts of the tour because of all the record and media companies in Los Angeles, The concert is delayed by more than 30 minutes because of a next door basketball game, Donna Summer and Ron Wood (Rolling Stones) were in the audience too, Agnetha travelled together with the band in the bus, ABBA returned to their hotel in Los Angeles around midnight, ABBA and their children arrived in two private jets, Linda joined the children choir for the concert, ABBA travelled back to Los Angeles in the late evening where they spent the next day before they finally left, A bootleg labeled as ‘Las Vegas’ is in circulation, but it’s the Wembley recording, Audience: 11,000 (capacity 17,500), it was the biggest location of the US part of the tour. After a couple of attempts they finally came up with the tune they were looking for: the disco number Gimme! a fan recording is speculated to exist, details unknown, Audience: 7,000 (sold out, a rest of the tickets got sold at the evening of the concert), ABBA arrived in the early afternoon and stayed at the Hilton Hotel, they left the hotel for the concert at, Frida, Benny & Björn arrived by private jet from Rotterdam, Agnetha by car.

Austrian TV. Frida and Benny left Sweden on September 7 already as they wanted to be at the World Sailing Championships. So far the band’s videos and their television appearances had worked very well for them as promotional tools. Frida and Benny joined the flight inbetween. On the Stage tonight Dancing Queen had been a number one, and a promotional campaign in the spring of 1978 had kicked Take A Chance On Me up to number three on the charts. But that was not for ABBA. well as a promotional poster. From July 30 on rehearsals continued at Europafilm in Bromma. Afterwards they also visited the Swedish embassy. Ctr., Anaheim). … We need a little extra self-confidence as a stage act.” To try out their new band, ABBA even performed surprise concerts at clubs in two Swedish towns. Artists with same name. Some artists even toured parallel with their hard work in the recording studio, flying back and forth between audience-filled stadiums and the intensely private studio environment. However, some concerts in the USA weren’t sold out and though the audience reportedly was enthusiastic throughout they also received some bad reviews by US journalists. They were supposed to come back to Australia in 1980, probably before or after the Japan dates but it never happened.

The first concert took place at Edmonton’s Northlands Coliseum in Canada on September 13, 1979. As a result of Agnetha’s trauma and a flu she was battling at the same time, a concert in Washington had to be cancelled. Audience: 15,000 (sold out within three hours). After mostly sell-out dates in Denmark, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, England (including a mind-boggling six concerts at London’s Wembley Arena) and Scotland, the tour finished with a concert in Dublin, Ireland on November 15. ABBA is here and ready for its North American tour, I saw the first night of the ABBA Voulez Vous tour, (today known as The Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall), In the morning in bikini, in the evening on stage, Concert Reviews: ABBA - (Conv. As it was the group's final tour be…

In To tour or not to tour ABBA's 1979 concert tour. accompanied by the actual name of the recipient. Linda Ulvaeus participated in the Stockholm show together with the children choir performing "I Have A Dream" together with ABBA. A file labeled as being from Brussels in fact contains a recording of the Stockholm concert. Frida, Björn and Benny visited the White House to meet Amy Carter (the daughter of President Jimmy Carter) who wanted to attend the concert. ABBA gave everyone who was involved in the work with the show a silver medallion

At this time, Björn and Benny were also trying to come up with a brand new song that could be released as a single in conjunction with the tour. “I think its dead fun being onstage,” Frida once said. Meeting the audience could be an emotional kick for her, but she never felt entirely comfortable as a stage performer. This recording features ABBA in top form and probably has the best sound quality of all fan tapes. Take touring, for example.

To celebrate the final show ABBA There was also an incident where ABBA’s private plane got caught up in bad weather, a horrific experience for Agnetha, who already had a fear of flying. If this is the truth, it seems very strange that nobody meanwhile made it freely available on the net somehow because most fans want to hear, ABBA arrived on September 14 and stayed at the Westin Bayshore Hotel, ABBA spent the time before the concert with jogging, swimming or boating and leave around 17.00 for the arena.
Originally ideas for a world tour 1979 included Western Europe, North America, Asia and also Eastern Europe. Linda Ulvaeus participated in the Agnetha Fältskog in Dublin (private pics thanks After the press conference ABBA and their team had a party. In the afternoon the band left for Seattle, ABBA followed them on Monday (Agnetha traveled by car), Because of several technical problems ABBA aren't content with the concert though the audience reportedly was happy, Birthday party for Ola Brunkert after the concert, ABBA arrived in the early afternoon (Agnetha travelled by car again), Parts of the stage decoration didn’t fit into the hall. To tour or not to tour In terms of the international rock scene in the 1970s, ABBA was, in many ways, a most unusual band. However, even ABBA went out to meet their audience from time to time. The show featured energetic interpretations of a wide range of ABBA hits, with a particular emphasis on the group’s then current album, Voulez-Vous. Three big trucks transported the 40-50 tons of the stage design and the equipment. Tomas – the boyfriend of Stig Anderson’s daughter, Marie – was a new signing to ABBA’s record label, Polar Music. But album sales had remained a little slower for ABBA, their LPs seldom staying very long in the Top 20. ABBA: Convention Center, Anaheim, California, SOS: ABBA’s stormy 1979 Boston concert flight (Windsor Locks tornado), Children from Rotterdam are singing with ABBA, Vor 35 Jahren brachten ABBA Dortmund zum Toben, Von Abba bis Beyoncé: Die Gästebuch-Einträge der Stadthalle Bremen, ABBA Stafford Bingley Hall 11 November, 1979, Paradiset documentary included on the DVD, 1979, September 23 – Tempe / Phoenix (USA), 1979, September 27 – Minneapolis / St. Paul (USA), 1979, October 4 – Washington D.C. (USA), cancelled, 1979, October 24 – Rotterdam (The Netherlands), 1979, November 5 – London (United Kingdom), 1979, November 6 – London (United Kingdom), 1979, November 7 – London (United Kingdom), Memories of the concert in London, November 7 and 9, 1979, November 8 – London (United Kingdom), 1979, November 9 – London (United Kingdom), 1979, November 10 – London (United Kingdom), Memories of the concert in London, November 10, 1979, November 11 – Stafford (United Kingdom), 1979, November 12 – Stafford (United Kingdom), 1979, November 13 – Glasgow (United Kingdom), ABBA sneaked in after a performance by Björn Skifs and his band, around midnight, the news about the concert was rumored during the day, a record store had displayed a note announcing the concert, ABBA were not amused about that, soundcheck in the afternoon at around 15.00, later on Discoland published an advert with a show photo to thank ABBA for their appearance. Mats Ronander (guitar, harmonica, vocals on, Tomas Ledin (backup vocals, vocals and piano on, Bosse Norling (ABBA’s personal tour manager), Stuart Mackillop (pianos & organs manager). Some video material exists, including snippets of the following songs: Watch it on Youtube: Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3. However, it in fact contains just parts of the Milwaukee recording. Festhalle. Many other acts saw this as something they simply had to do, whether they liked it or not. On the Vienna airport & interview for The evening flight to Washington was cancelled and they stayed in Boston overnight.

Join us for this look back on the group’s adventures on what turned out to be their last major tour.

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