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Later in the episode, the heroine is seen standing at the train station in a yukata waiting for Kent. However on his way, his fans shows up and block his path to the Heroine's apartment. The pre-existing relationships the heroine had before amnesia are different in each route. The three girls all adore Ikki, all having dated him in the past and they are obsessed to the point of creating a rule allowing a girl to only date Ikki for three months, but they also will threaten any girl who gets close to him. Ukyo calls the heroine to meet him at the shrine and she goes, only to find evil Ukyo, who tries dropping her into the well. They walk to the back alley, and Heroine remembers talking to someone about a boy she liked. As he tells her that it was her destiny to die in the building, the window above the doors breaks, which makes Ukyo flip to his good side. Ikki even admits that sometimes he might just hate women expect for the Heroine since she didn't fell in love with him. "in a strained voice. Because my warnings weren't sufficient enough, the girl I love was exposed to danger. Ikki doesn't know of this and thinks of these break ups as punishment for his wish. In most worlds, Ikki is the protagonist's coworker at Meido no Hitsuji, working as a waiter. He tells her to stay away from him.

August 26, At work, he notices the Heroine blushing at him As it is he looks confused before smirking and asking if she's now noticing his powers. I believe that I'll still love you, so..." Seeing the Heroine afraid, he apologizes but says that he doesn't plan to let her hand go. While sitting there in silence, he suddenly says to her if she sleeping over. She responds that she doesn't know him very well, which he accepts.

In truth, Ikki is very kind, considerate, and quite bright. He was really worried about the Heroine's safety. Later, Toma and the Heroine go to a back alley, where the heroine discreetly asks if they are going out. Since this series is well received in Japan, it produced various related merchandise such as drama CDs, character music CDs and books. Unfortunately, Toma, Rika, and the fanclub mistakenly believe that Ikki and the Heroine were dating, and the fanclub ruthlessly harass her. At the end of the episode Ukyo tells her that the world is trying to kill her and that they are lovers. At night, walking outside with Shin, she becomes frightened of him and starts running away from him, and accidentally falls off a cliff. The story begins with the heroine trying to escape a burning church, followed by a vision of her drowning. The heroine wants to quickly gain her memories back for the sake of herself and Shin. He asks her what it was and the Heroine replies that it was her diary. He said "I guess I lost.

He confesses that hearing her voice makes him feel relaxed enough to sleep. Like many otome games, the events take place over a fixed time frame. As they tried to escape, they found her phone, which contained many odd texts, but before they can leave, Shin shows up. As Ikki grew older, he lost his ability to grow close to others. and takes her by the hand to the middle of a station and busy sidewalk. Ikki shows her to make the parfait. He talks about how she was standing in outside in the cold and a potentially dangerous situation waiting for him just because she doubted his personality. But then he looks away and mutters "But what I've said can't be done...Your feelings haven't caught up to my feelings at all...In addition, if my real feelings were to be found out then no doubt you'd encounter something bad. Afterward, she awakens in the back room of a cafe, with no memories, as people who seem to know her argue about how to help her. He talks about the 5 days until he gets his answer of whether or not she's going to live with him and he talks about how he's really excited and impatient for that day. The three girls all adore Ikki, all having dated him in the past and they are obsessed to the point of creating a rule allowing a girl to only date Ikki for three months, but they also will threaten any girl who gets close to him. On his left, he wears a thigh-high black boot with a white cross pattern made on the front because of the strings. and then he talks about how he said from the beginning that they might do dangerous things and treat her coldly. The next day, the Heroine goes on a trip with her coworkers into the forest. She remembers going with her coworker Kent to a festival, but Kent doesn't remember the event. He tells the Heroine to run away after bad Ukyo says that Neil doesn't have anymore power left to send him to another world, meaning that this was his last chance to kill her. It is during this meeting that one of them points out Ukyo as the man who told them where the heroine would be on August 25th, to which Rika explains that Ukyo is the heroine's boyfriend and so it would be natural for him to know where his girlfriend is. I'm not very cool, am I" When she ask him if he likes her, he replied yes. Ikki's popularity rose enough to develop a fan club, who visits him quite often during and after work. Amnesia(anime) Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Evil Ukyo goes on saying that whenever he had found her alive in another world, he had never existed in that world to begin with. He confesses "That makes me feel a bit happy... but you haven't even said that you liked me, so why are you jealous?

Waka tells them that Shin said he saw the heroine run away crying when Ikki forced himself on her. As she walks home, a group of girls confront the heroine saying that she broke their "promise". She then arrives back on August 1, where a lot of "bad" things happened to her like almost getting hit by a train but Ukyo's warnings prevented her death. The heroine and Shin return to the others who are lighting fireworks, and sit down on the steps. I sound like a pervert, don't I?" Since getting amnesia, a spirit called Orion attaches himself to the heroine and gives her advice and his perspective of things, he also provides her with that "inner voice". Ikki's voice is a promise as he tells her lowly "I won't force you, but I'll be tempting you to accept it....That's right... how about we test living together. A strangely dressed boy named Orion appears, floating in midair, and explains that he is a spirit whom only the heroine can see or hear. Another sequel titled Amnesia Crowd was released on April 18, 2013. My reasoning is crumbling".Ikki's voice is a flat whisper as he tells her "I can't endure it anymore". The next day, he was suddenly surround by girls.

Then, the memories at the burning building with the watchtower is shown again. He only went out with his fan club members today to curry their favor. Playing this game is therefore different from playing other otome games because even key events in the storyline are not fixed. At work, Ikki text her about if she doing to confess him, but she won't., "You should have ignored those other girls", "Then, could you walk me to work tomorrow? I become strange in front of you....You are a very special person to me... Will you believe that?". When Toma leaves for the university, he forgets to lock the cage. But over time he has come to despise the superficial levels of affection he receives. He and Kent have an odd friendship. Ikki wasn't able to grow close to anyone and became distant with his friends because his popularity increased as he got older. He apologizes for not having said more normal things like why he liked her and how much he liked her, but then explains that he was impatient. On the street, wondering what Ikki's real personality is, she encounters the man with long green hair who greets her and gives her confusing advice before departing. Before going to sleep, he apologizes for talking about these heavy serious topics, but that he was happy she listened to him, and then tells her to talk to him instead. Shortly afterward, Toma is shocked to find that there is nothing in the mailbox, apparently attempting to clean it out. August 30, at work , Ikki along with the Heroine confronted the Rika and his ex girlfriends, which they were very shocked at his expression of his. Ikki is a tall young man.

He laughingly jokes about how she might be suspicious of him putting himself in a better light and so he tells her to take his words lightly. He tells her that he is her boyfriend. The Importance of Names and the Nameless in Amnesia, About … They find Ukyo sleeping, which turns out to be the evil personality, and he grabs her, telling her that she's the one who should be dead, not him. Amnesia is classified as an otome game; like most otome games, the player takes the role of a female character who can choose from a variety of male characters as her 'love interest'. He talks about how her lips taste of this cream from something that she ate and that the taste is sweet.

But he tells her that "But, it won't be like that anymore. Additionally, over his left ear is a hair clip shaped like a black spade, accordingly with Ikki's attributing symbol. As the Heroine runs up the stairs to the top of the clock tower, Orion explains that Neil was the creator of all fairies and how he gained power if he granted wishes to humans. Kent simply says that he had "researched" with a friend and found that this is what couples do during dates. Amnesia (アムネシア, Amuneshia) is a Japanese visual novel series by Idea Factory.It was first released on August 18, 2011, for PlayStation Portable, and then a fan disc in Japan, Amnesia Later, was released on March 15, 2012.Another sequel titled Amnesia Crowd was released on April 18, 2013. When Ikki was young, he wished on a shooting star to become popular with girls, as he grew older he began to resent that wish, because he couldn't feel close to anyone due to his popularity.
She ask him to hug her and he becomes shocked before quickly granting her request and then he realizes that she's been unhappy this whole time and didn't have anyone to talk to.

It's because of you. He asks her if she'll tell him what is going on in her life now, but it's a secret. After he broke up with them, they all joined the Ikki Fanclub. He asks her if she knows her wish for him to grant and she tells him that she wants him to escort her to work tomorrow. Ikki enjoys playing darts, billiards, and table tennis. Then he wonders why his eyes have these affects and says that no one has been able to explain it. by sashamayer19

He talks about the past, how they had met when the heroine was lost while on vacation at Ukyo's hometown, and how they had met once again at the University.

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