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Not necessarily disagreeing with you.

The worst trade in football history to the Vikings.

Included are major historical events, Hall-of-Fame players, retired numbers, statistical leaders, best and worst seasons, and team championship and playoff history.

That's not spectacular but its still 60 yards. While whether or not you get into the Hall of Fame is not so strongly dictated by wins and losses at other positions, post-season success is still a tremendous boon. 2) Being a good return man requires a player be fast. However, one could speculate that a fringe Hall of Famer who had behavioral problems might get overlooked when it was time to cast ballots, so let’s "pretend" Brian Mitchell’s stats are on the fringe. Barry Sanders was a 1st-ballot Hall of Famer. I rank the top 10 offensive linemen not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, I rank the top 10 head coaches not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Something to consider - if a kick return man returns 3 kicks a game for just 20 yards each. More of his yards have been gained rushing/receiving than Mitchell, which are arguably harder yards.

Towards the end of the interview the guy says something to … I rank the top ten quarterbacks not in the pro football Hall of Fame. I primarily allowed statistical data to do the talking. Larry Rankin (author) from Oklahoma on April 08, 2014: Lions44: Thanks for the comment. He never ran out of bounds. His traditional stats are borderline: rushing, receiving, etc., but his 23,316 all-purpose yards are 2nd only to Jerry Rice and only by a few 100 yards, despite that he played 6 less seasons. I rank the top 10 tight ends not in the Pro football Hall of Fame. Though Brian Mitchell should have been a 1st-ballot Hall of Famer simply by the virtue of his regular season stats, his post-season accomplishments read much like his regular season accomplishments. There is positively no reason for these players not to be in the Hall of Fame, and everyone and their mothers know it; but the majority of us also know, due to all the passing that has been going on in the modern era of the NFL, the backlog of deserving receivers is here to stay for the foreseeable future. In this article, I rank the top 10 running backs not in the pro football Hall of Fame. This is such a no-brainer. There are plenty of Cleveland Browns Hall of Famers enshrined in Canton, and many of them were vital pieces to each of the eight championships in franchise history. so if he has longevity he has a lot of yards with average performance.

Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, Coemgenus of English Wikipedia, CC-BY-SA-3.0, via Wikimedia Commons. Tim Brown, if not for the backlog of wide receivers, would have got in on the first try.

Gore has the most 1,200 yard seasons from scrimmage in league history. Hall Of Fame weekend 2009.Lennox Lewis induction.

23,000+ all-purpose yards in the NFL is still 23,000+ yards no matter how you slice the fruit.

Brian Mitchell should undoubtedly be in the hall of fame.His physically and competitiveness defined his career. Speaking of versatility and all purpose yardage. Gather a whole bunch of football fans into a room and start the conversation about who should and should not be in the Hall of Fame and fireworks are bound to ensue. I rank the top 10 wide receivers not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Punt and kick yards can be a little deceiving. We looked at him as a star and a superb football player. Devin hester deserves to be in the hall of fame, and brian mitchell is why ===== Thank You For Watch PL Sub & Share JERRY SMITH, held the Tight end TD record over 20yrs,(maybe 30) Sitka & Jackie Smith are in with less TDs!

All that said, he was a helluva player, and it wouldn't hurt my feelings if they found a spot for him someday. In addition, when being validated for Hall of Fame consideration, it is a big coup to be in the top five of a career statistical list.

For example, players like Eric Metcalf, Allen Rossum, and Dante Hall were great return men, but they didn’t do it for 14 years, and they were not equally good at both skill sets: kick return and punt return. International Boxing Hall of Fame, Canastota Picture: BRIAN MITCHELL MEETS THE FANS - Check out Tripadvisor members' 227 candid photos and videos of International Boxing Hall of Fame

Am I suggesting that Brian Mitchell was as good as Jerry Rice or Walter Payton? He was also the Redskins' 3rd string quarterback for many of those years. His plays changed football games. So, on one hand, there is a player like Brian Mitchell, who was willing to do anything to help his team, but unlike the players of old, was still able to compile amazing stats, and he is essentially kept out of the Hall of Fame because they can’t figure out how to label him? LaDanian Tomlinson was a 1st-ballot Hall of Famer.

How can the player with the 2nd most yards in the history of the game not be in the Hall? He has a bunch of all purpose yard single season records, he's had to do a good portion of it in a time that has saw a large reduction in returns because of concussion concerns, and he has a bunch more TDs than Mitchell. Larry Rankin is a sports analyst with an especially strong penchant for statistical breakdowns. Special teams made up 1/3 of the teams he played on.

In that regard, Mitchell was a bit of a throwback player. 18,000 yards is amazing, but that's still like 5,000 yards less than Mitchell.

You have X amount of space for wide outs in the Hall of Fame each year and a surplus of candidates to fill that space. I also factored in overall success, as far as wins and losses of the teams the players were on, and put some stock in the personal behavior of the players considered, as much as they didn’t have any major falls from grace or character flaws that would scare the Hall of Fame away. When you are starting every drive on the 45 or 50 yard line, your chances for success are greatly increased. THAT is hall of fame. The NFL still saw fit to put them in the Hall of Fame under whatever position they were most commonly labeled because of prevailing common sense. Because of the large, open spaces generated on kick and punt returns and the top speeds reached by the players, making a living on special-teams is a very hazardous profession. There is a reason the NFL is trying to do away with the return game in light of recent findings about concussions. When you realize how many high quality college and pro QBs have come from Louisian, you have him in good company. People forget that he was a four year starter at quarterback in college and broke many Louisiana college records in that position.

Although he came from a low profile school (frankly the only reason is is not in now), he made large impacts. You had to game plan for him. Has he been involved in any scandals before or since his retirement? Table of NFL players to have 1,000 yards in a season on the fewest catches/receptions with statistical and background analysis. Just food for thought. Definite Hall of Famer. He has been a sports radio and television personality and has spent much time and effort working for charity, especially in the communities he came to know and care about throughout his playing career. It will be a big discussion to put him in Canton when ever he is mentioned. We'll look at statistical ranking and analysis.

It didn’t matter, as long as they got him in because he was an elite player. Wins and losses are statistics that have a varying impact, mainly by position, on whether or not a player is inducted into the Hall of Fame. His plays changed football games.

Brian Mitchell should undoubtedly be in the hall of fame.His physically and competitiveness defined his career. He's got a 100yards. On the other hand, there are lots of great players from early NFL history, like Bronko Nagurski, who were willing to play about every position for their team and were justly rewarded by the Hall of Fame. You can return many kicks from the 1 yard line, for 15 yards, a great average, and not help your team (ball in the end zone gets you on the 20). And he's viewed as having been more of a hindrance to the teams he was on than an advantage, i.e. Mitchell turned pro in 1981 and captured the WBA and Lineal Junior Lightweight Title in 1986 with a 10th-round KO over Alfredo Layne. Larry Rankin (author) from Oklahoma on August 12, 2017: Kaliste: he's was a selfless player.

But due to the violent nature of the game and the fleeting nature of speed, most athletes in the NFL are already getting slower by their 3rd or 4th year in the league. He helped in any way he could.

Learn about the greatest Giants players, coaches, executives, and owners in Giants history—the best of Big Blue from the 1920s to the present. He does that for 13 years he's got 20000 . There are the obvious candidates, mainly wide receivers. Moving down the list, Walter Payton, with over 1,500 yards less than Mitchell, was a first-ballot Hall of Famer. Brian almost always delivered the more physical blows on opposing tacklers. Thanks so much for dropping in. I included the table below because it is really all you need to conclude that Brian Mitchell should not only be a Hall of Famer, but should have been a first-ballot Hall of Famer. I just don't know what the HOF voters are looking at that has made it take so long. They also could have put him in as tackle or linebacker or any of the other positions he played. For one, he's known for being a bit of a head case. No.

This, in part, is because many players back then did a bit of everything: defense, kicking, running, passing, etc.

Brian Mitchell was an elite player and did well at every position he was asked to play. Look at it this way, in the history of the NFL there is one player with more overall yards. It’s simple physics. Brian Mitchell was an outstanding four-year performer for the Cajun football team from 1986-1989.

Again, Mitchell meets all criteria with flying colors, real or imagined. Visit the official COVID-19 government website to stay informed: Click Here.

There have been 20 players and executives who spent at least 1 season with the Arizona Cardinals and have been elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Jerry Rice has Mitchel by a few yards, but Rice played much longer.

Thanks for bringing Jerry Smith to my radar.

If he adds 3 punt returns at 10 yards each which is good . Moving farther, Emmitt Smith, the NFL’s all-time leading rusher, 1st-ballot Hall of Famer. Here are six Pittsburgh Steelers players who should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. His name is not brought up as often for the Hall of Fame as it should be. Excellent man off the field as well. Why should things be different now?

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