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Fender LSR Roller Nut, Sillet de Tête à Roulement, Chrome - Le sillet de tête à roulement LSR est conçu pour réduire la friction qui peut affecter la stabilité d'accordage. Il est utilisé sur les guitares Fender American Deluxe HSS, et peut accueillir des cordes d'un tirant de 0,8 à 0,56. Does it work on a 7.25" radius? Fender LSR roller nut installation. Cerb, Nov 16, 2019 #1. Not a drop in replacement. The Wilkinson nuts were inferior to later LSR Roller nuts (above) that started to appear mid-1993. The roller nut, locking tuners, and locking bridge worked great with no issues for me. Monté en série sur la Stratocaster Artist Signature Jeff Beck et sur les Strat Plus Deluxe depuis la fin des 90's. Is the LSR roller nut a direct drop in replacement for a standard nut? The idea with the roller nut … This installation isn't just restricted to Fender guitars, it can be adapted to any guitar with with an inch and eleven sixteenths nut width, or close. Joined: Dec 27, 2016 Location: KC. You need to cut some wood out of the space between the nut and first fret. Sillet à roulement pour tous manches de Stratocaster Standard USA et American Deluxe. It's a nice add-on if you're using tremolo systems like Bigsby or Schaller/Fender. I ordered this LSR roller nut for a DIY guitar project. I used to own a black 2000 Fender American Deluxe Strat with the locking tuners, LSR roller nut and Floyd Rose II bridge (strings locked at bridge saddles, no fine tuners). Consider installing a Fender LSR roller nut, if you're a heavy whammy bar user, or just don't like the looks of the string tees on the headstock. Sillet Fender® Roller Nut (anti-bruit) LSR ; Radius compensé progressif de 9,5" à 14" ; Largeur au Sillet 42,8 à 43mm ; Largeur au talon 22em case : 55,8mm; 22 frettes Médium Jumbo (.090" x .055") ; Repères de touches en nacre ; Trussrod double action biflex ; Skunk stripe noyer au dos du manche ; Vernis finition Polyuréthane satiné au dos et face avant tête vernis brillant. It's definitely not "necessary", but when paired with locking tuners like Fender Locking Tuners Chrome it helps the guitar stay in tune better by reducing friction as the strings move over the nut during modulation. These made string changes much easier, as each string rode on top of a set of roller bearings—a really great improvement over the Wilkinson nuts. Believer7713 The Pink Bunnyman Frankenstein Silver Member. Age: 46 Messages: 10,554. Sillet LSR à roulement Fender Stratocaster Deluxe Fender Roller Nut. Would you shim it to change the height? Sillet Stratocaster Fender Roller Nut LSR Deluxe. The beauty of the roller nut design is its simplicity.

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