european truck driver salary

Find Truck Driver jobs & internships in Europe: Truck Driver job openings in UK, London, Ireland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany Truck Driver, developer jobs for graduates. This needs to be taken into account, List of European countries by minimum wage, List of American countries by monthly average wage, List of countries by GDP (nominal) per capita, List of countries by GDP (PPP) per capita, European countries by electricity consumption per person, European countries by health expense per person, European countries by percentage of urban population, List of European countries by life expectancy, "Report for Selected Countries and Subjects", "Llogaritja e pages bruto dhe neto | kreatx, llogaritja e pages, software company albania, software company tirana, program kontabiliteti online, program burime njerezore, program magazina inventari, program finance, program per menaxhimin e klienteve", "Kalkulatori i pages - llogaritja e ndalesave", "Աշխատավարձի հաշվիչ - եկամտային հարկ, կուտակային կենսաթոշակային համակարգ, դրոշմանիշային վճար", "Average monthly nominal wages, drams / 2020", "Foreign Exchange Rates in drams/Average official exchange rate of 1 Euro / 2020", "Azerbaijan Payroll and Tax Information and Resources", "Среднемесячная номинальная заработная плата в Азербайджане", "XE: Convert AZN/EUR. From the data set provided, we can also …

Azerbaijan New Manat to Euro", "Экономика и реальная средняя зарплата в Беларуси 2020", "Convert BYR/EUR.

Updated January 2020", "XE: Convert TRY/EUR. We’ll get you noticed. Average monthly wages and salaries of employees by month", "Informaciniai pranešimai - Oficialiosios statistikos portalas", "Salary after Tax Calculator - Luxembourg (LU)", "Average monthly earnings in the second quarter of 2020", National Bureau of Statistics of the Republic of Moldova, "Modaal Inkomen 2017 – Gemiddeld Inkomen", "State Statistical Office - News release: Average monthly net wage paid per employee ,06.2020", "State Statistical Office - News release: Average monthly gross wage paid per employee ,06.2020", "Convert MKD/EUR.

This comes out to drivers earning $1,137 per week. In certain countries, actual incomes may exceed those listed in the table due to the existence of grey economies. ", "Verdienste 2018: durchschnittlich 3 880 Euro brutto im Monat", " - Υπολογισμός καθαρού ή μικτού μισθού", "Statistics Iceland: Most frequent total monthly earnings between 550 and 600 thousand ISK", "XE: Convert ISK/EUR.

United Kingdom Pound to Euro Member Countries",, Wages (statutory minimum, average monthly gross, net) and labour cost (2005) CE Europe, Wages and Taxes for the Average Joe in the EU 27 2009, ru: Moldovans have lowest wages in Europe, Database Central Europe: wages in Central and Eastern Europe, Sovereign states and dependent territories, Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO), North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA), Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia (CUBKR),, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia indefinitely semi-protected pages, Pages using image label with a wide image, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 23 October 2020, at 20:29.

Iceland Krona to Euro Member Countries", "Salary after Tax Calculator - Ireland (IE)", "CSO Quicktables: Earnings and Labour Costs",,, "How to calculate net income of salary - Electronic government of the Republic of Kazakhstan", "DS010m. This is the map and list of European countries by monthly average wage (annual divided by 12 months) gross and net income (after taxes) average wages for full-time employees in their local currency and in euros.

Average Salary – $70,000 In a country with over 700,000 truck drivers, the average salary is around AU$100,000 for the interstate HC & MC truck drivers. Whereas European drivers make somewhere in the neighborhood of $30,000, drivers in the United States see at least an increase in salary of at least 30%, with room for higher figures depending on one’s route and type of freight. Apply for entry level overseas jobs for Americans, Indians, for foreigners, English-speaking jobs for non EU citizens, Australians in Europe.

The chart below reflects the average (mean) wage as reported by various data providers. Those based in New South Wales are among the highest paid.

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