intermatic timer troubleshooting

Any guidance on how to fix this? If it doesn’t improve, inspect the contacts behind the time clock for insect infestation. Hi Rhomell, are you sure you got the correct trippers? The most common pool timer used for inground pool pumps is the Intermatic time clock. If your Intermatic swimming pool timer has stopped working you will have to do something called troubleshooting. Above you said to connect white to A. and Black to 1…what do I do with red? Friday: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM It might be attached ... Intermatic Incorporated will repair or replace it, at its sole option, free of charge. If you need to set the time, you will need to take two fingers and slightly pull the wheel towards you and away from the back of the timer box. A: You may need to use small pliers to tighten timer dogs onto the dial. Commonly, many pool owners will think there pool timer is broken and not working when all they had to to is turn the circuit breaker to the on position. Required fields are marked *. jQuery("select#top-dropdown").change(function(){ Energy Awareness Month – 7 Ways to Save Around the Pool, Has Fall Landed in your Pool? But then again, Intermatic timer motors can be half the cost of a new mechanism, depending on the model. For extra safety, shut-off the ‘Pool’ breaker on the main home panel as well, and lock the panel, or place a large note, to prevent someone else from turning the breaker(s) back on while you are working. Locate the COMMON wire connected to first old switch. window.location.href = jQuery(this).val(); A: If you’ve gone through a full inspection of the mechanism and determined the motor or gears are bad, replacing a timeclock mechanism is an easy repair – for a qualified person. A: The lever action should be crisp, not like it’s full of molasses. You off course will want to adjust one time pin at a time. A: Break out a can of your favorite ant spray, and let ’em have it. I made sure the trippers were fully inserted and tight. I noticed this on ebay... The circuit is protected by two ganged breakers. Extreme Leaf Removal. I have an Intermatic 277/208v T104 timer controlling two 60Hz 120v outdoor lighting circuits. I have an intermatic T20004R and my timer is working because it is keeping the correct time. If power is coming to the timer motor, you should be able to clearly see the gears moving through the small window. So just turn the adjustment hold down screw on the timer pin counter clockwise about a full turn and then you will be able to slide the on or off pin to the right time on the timer wheel. Our Team I guess if they look the same as before… maybe the dial is warped? I mean you could go out and buy the timer for the electrician but you will need his experience to get it installed correctly. Then connect the other two wires, the power leads “Line 1 and Line 2″ to terminals #1 and #3, does not matter which wire goes to which. A: The very first thing to do is to double-check to make sure that the power is OFF at the breaker panels. There are simply things you can do yourself like adjust the timer pins and set the clock on the timer. Just kidding, it could’ve vibrated loose, perhaps? You could be missing the timer pins, you could have a bad timer, you could have no power to the timer or maybe even the timer is set wrong and it really is working but your not seeing it. I don’t see any debris blocking the “off” dog. If your 120V wires are properly colored (and sometimes they are not), the White wire connects to terminal “A”, and the Black wire connects to Terminal “1”. After securing the wire conduit (flexible or rigid) to the box knock out with the proper 3/4” conduit connector, connect the Load 1 and Load 2 wires (going to the pump, or the ‘Load’), to terminals #2 and #4. Tuesday: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM. Does this mean I need a new T104, or is there a replacement manual on/off switch? A: To reset the time clock to the correct time, grasp the outer edges of the large yellow dial, and pull gently outward, towards you. I have Model T40004RTe. You most likely just need to now set the pins and the clock and your timer will work. The timer quit after a nearby lightning strike. Thursday: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM. I think you’ve got a screw loose, and you probably pull the tags off of all your furniture too. I see a little groove worn in the corner of the on/off switch where the “off” timer dog touches. Then number(time of day) that you line up with the time marker will be the time that you are setting your timer to. If unsure, the White (Neutral) wire connects to the neutral buss bar in the breaker panel, and the Black (Line) wire would connect to the circuit breaker. document.write('(function () {try{{sid:67701,media_id:1,media_type:5,version:"1.2"});} catch(e){document.write('');}}());'); With the breakers turned off, it is usually safe to handle and remove the mechanism from the box, but use a power meter set on AC volts to be sure power is off before handling the timer mechanism, or touching wires with a screwdriver.

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