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It seemed to be a different book from what I had read the day previous, and I felt something I had never felt before. I had to travel—10 kilometers (6.2 miles) on foot and about three hours by train—to get to church. A. Abundius of Palestrina; Abundius of Pietra Montecorvina; Amantius of Como; Archelais and Companions; C. … But I didn’t want to involve myself with a different church at that time, even though I didn’t feel spiritually well. If you ask that person what brought him or her into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you may hear a story like one of the following. When I was 18, the missionaries contacted my sister. In Genoa, your walk to church might take you through the maze of streets in the city center, past the Piazza De Ferrari, to the second floor of an office building. It was fast and testimony Sunday, and a very strong spirit descended upon me. Angelo Melone lives with his family in L’Aquila, a small city founded in medieval times near the center of Italy. My conversion was the fruit of the patience and perseverance of a special friend. On the way to school, he would stop to chat with people about their problems, she said. I told this to my friend’s mother, who said that I should pray before I read it. Some years passed, and I went to see her in England. The son of wealthy merchant in Assisi, in Perugia province, he died in 1226. Then they waited for miracles.

I felt it was indeed true, and that night at her house, I found a copy of the Book of Mormon on the nightstand. He attended daily Mass from the time he was 7, never missing a day, she said. This list may not reflect recent changes . This list may not reflect recent changes . If you ever visit Italy, you may have the chance to attend a sacrament meeting with the Italian Saints. This message struck me profoundly. The Spirit I felt helped me to know that the Church of Jesus Christ was on the earth again. That morning I met the missionaries, who began helping me to know the truth. One day in another letter she told me that her husband had become a member of her church and things had never been better. I read almost all the publications of the Church—but I didn’t succeed in detecting any contradictions. Ms. Acutis said that people from all over the world had told her about medical miracles, including cures for infertility and cancer, that happened after they prayed to her son. Carlo sought ways of helping poor, older and disabled people, and refugees.

Every time I remember my conversion, I thank the Lord for helping me meet the missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And that’s what gives us all a lot of hope.”, An Italian Teenager Could Become the First Millennial Saint. Then one day she wrote that she was doing “baptisms for the dead,” and this made me curious. A number of years ago, I knew a girl who worked at the London branch of the same company I worked for. Carlo Acutis, who died at 15 in 2006 and was an early adopter of the internet, was beatified over the weekend, putting him on the path to sainthood in the Catholic Church. But my belief in Joseph Smith as a prophet was the greatest, strongest, and firmest testimony I had. Having special relationship with the divinity, saints are seen as intercessors between humans and God, as protectors for the living. “OK, I really must get to know this church!” I said to myself. Carlo Acutis, who died at 15 in 2006 and was an early adopter of the internet, was beatified over the weekend, putting him on the path to sainthood in the Catholic Church. Born: 1184 AD in Italy, Europe. Those signs of modernity resonated with many young people who see themselves in him, said Paul Jarzembowski, who leads the U.S. Council for Catholic Bishops’ youth and young adult ministries. “He is truly a patron for our self-isolating, digitally reliant times, and for other young people who are now accompanying all of us as we enter more fully into this new normal,” Mr. Jarzembowski said. After I received the lessons, I entered the waters of baptism. Her husband passed away in 2009. Since his death, Carlo has become known in some Catholic circles as the patron saint of the internet for his facility with computers and his early and enthusiastic embrace of the web, which he used as an expression of his Catholic faith. Her family comes from many different parts of Italy, which enriches her life with varied traditions. At Carlo’s funeral, the church overflowed with people whose lives he had touched, she said. Among the more than 10,000 saints recognized by the Roman Catholic Church, just 120 died as children or teenagers, the National Catholic Register reported in 2017. He favored Nikes and jeans, and he had a cellphone and an email address. How exciting it was! If you ever visit Italy, you may have the chance to attend a sacrament meeting with the Italian Saints. The hometown of the founder of the Passionist religious order is a lovely town in the mountains that’s home to a specialty grape. Valentina Aranda, 33 years old, feels blessed to have lived all her life in the same neighborhood in Rome, a city loved throughout the world for its history and art. I knew right away that he was a prophet of God and that a great mission was entrusted to him, and after the lesson with the missionaries where I learned about the Restoration, I decided to be baptized. Of the 25,000 members in Italy today, more than half were baptized since 1986—so the person sitting next to you is likely a convert. Not a modern first name, probably because it is masculine but looks feminine. Five weeks after my first time attending church, I entered the waters of baptism. The next evening, I prayed and started reading at the beginning of the book. Those two angels were a great gift, and they are still dear friends today. Many watched on screens that were spread throughout the town’s piazzas as a church official read a letter from Pope Francis that declared Carlo “blessed.”, “Already Carlo, he’s only just been beatified, but already he’s a worldwide phenomenon,” said Father Will Conquer, a Catholic priest and missionary in Cambodia who has written about Carlo’s path to sainthood. I was baptized August 10, 1978.

One day during my visit, we sat on the grass and she asked me if we could talk a little bit about God. The ceremony, in Assisi, Italy, was the second-to-last step before Carlo can be canonized as a saint. Sant'Atanasio: Athanasius: Greek, 'deathless'. Below she shares the story of her conversion at age 21. If that happens, Carlo would be joining an elite group. Illustrates how santi in Italian can mean 'saints' or 'holy (plural)' in English. Pages in category "Italian Roman Catholic saints" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 263 total. But in one significant respect, Carlo — who was just 15 when he died of leukemia in 2006 — stands out from his peers: He is on his way to becoming the first millennial to be recognized as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church. In the months before his death, he created a website that cataloged miracles. “Meet the Italian Saints,” Ensign, June 2014. Carlo’s body, dressed in his favored jeans and Nikes, was exhumed this month and displayed as part of the beatification process. Carlo’s beatification comes at time when technology has been integrated into religion as never before, as online streaming allows the faithful to participate in services under coronavirus restrictions. One day I picked it up and began reading it—but it didn’t make sense to me. Instead I learned the story of the Restoration and the marvelous experience of the First Vision. She received the missionary lessons and decided to be baptized. I needed to abandon all my prejudices and misconceptions about the Church, and then I could try the experiment. The Church gave me a new life. The country has about a hundred wards and branches. The power of saints is believed to continue after their death.

Whichever branch or ward you visit, when you sit down in the chapel and sing the opening hymn with the Italian Saints, you’ll feel their faith. When he was 9, Carlo began studying computer science textbooks and taught himself computer programming and graphic design, his mother, Antonia Acutis, said in a phone interview.

As I studied the passage, I realized that if I wanted to receive a testimony, I had to change my attitude. I stopped on this question: “How can I develop faith?” The list said I could find the answer in Alma 32, where the word of God is compared to a seed. Hundreds of masked devotees, including Carlo’s parents and siblings, gathered in Assisi on Saturday for his beatification ceremony, which was postponed from March because of the coronavirus. “Everything that he did you can do, honestly. He loved his PlayStation and making videos of his dogs. (previous page) A. Pope Adeodatus I; Agnello of Naples; Agrippinus of Naples; Albert of Genoa; Albert of Montecorvino; Albert of Trapani; Aldebrandus; Allucio of Campugliano; Amantius of Como; Amata of Assisi; Amatus of Nusco; … I came to know the missionaries as I occasionally went to visit my sister. Meet the Italian Saints. Carlo, who lived in Milan, was beatified, or declared “blessed” by the pope, on Saturday after a miracle was attributed to him earlier this year. In February, Pope Francis attributed the unexplainable healing of a boy with a malformed pancreas to Carlo after the child came in contact with one of his shirts. My heart was a plot of ground that had to be weeded. I called the mission office and arranged to meet with the sister missionaries. The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: Minister, Latter-day Saints in Italy—a Legacy of Faith, Agency and Answers: Recognizing Revelation, “Meet the Italian Saints,” Ensign, June 2014. “What makes it so extraordinary is that he was ordinary. Always venerated with his wife Priscilla as SS Aquila and Priscilla. I experienced a great change in my life, and I am finally happy in the faith, truly knowing who I am, where I come from, and especially where I want to go. “There’s really nothing extraordinary about his life,” Father Conquer said of Carlo. Carlo’s life has inspired hundreds of social media pages as well as books and documentaries. Her home is in Genoa, a beautiful port city on the northwestern shore of Italy that is famous for being the birthplace of Christopher Columbus and of a traditional Italian food called pesto. The concept of saint as people of perfect qualities is in most religions in the world, but in the Christian religion the initial recognition by people of special qualities in holy men and women has been officially acknowledged. Italian Saints Ovada, Italy: Hometown of St. Paul of the Cross and the Dolcetto Grape.

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