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It was a sunny Lookout day, 4 years later, in 1047. Kuzon never seen or remembered Madelyn again. Soon, there was only a cliff left in the middle of the ocean where they fought. He said hi to Nikad, and they both asked to spar. Korra sneaked behind him with a crowbar and hit him. The Dragon stopped on an asteroid, and said that he can't go any father, and points towards a colorful universal path of light. Helena, everyone is dead..I don't know what to do..It's all over..". “Kuzon there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you,” said Korra. She also decided to donate the spirit portal to the air nation. Hikari was about to kill Jimmy, but Kuzon appear out of no where with a gernade. Kuzon got on his knees crying. Kuzon finished his healing, and Kuzon Jr. came storming back out with a large wet book. Kuzten went out to find his father he never knew or heard of after this. The Crew looked ahead, seeing trillions of Draxons and Space Warriors fighting, and dead bodies everywhere, and planets exploding by the dozen, explosions everywhere. He said that he went to the doctor a lot but they can never do anything (their tools always break when they try to cut through his chest ). Korra, Kuzon and I did a combo move to kick him off of the ship. He quickly proceeded to do the same to the other Kais and even King Yemma and his orges. Hikari had broken down the metal door, and was on the way to get them. Within seconds, something pixelated start forming in the light. The Dragon's head is impaled out of no where, by a giant arrow of venom. Ethan had a bunch of toxic water, which started flowing heavily through the sewer. His official last name is Kuz, and he made his middle name "Edward" at some point. He learned intense spiritual training, physical training and more. Kuzon fought Hikari, Zion fought The 14th Saiyan. Though, he doesn't use the last name "Kuzon", but he has to, being a registered legal citizen. Kuzey stays there occasionally and learns and helps his grandpa. “You should also know that I have the creator of Kelim enterprises on board, and I will not hesitate to kill him as well!”. He then falls on the ground asleep. In 1028, a large monster beast named Seejak attacked Kuzon and Naleth's home. When Kuzon turned 70, his hair began turning a light gray. Supreme Shenron came and Kuzon wished for..he wished that he could achieve Supreme Super Saiyan 6. Anana grabbed my hand and we went to the dance floor. Hikari randomly decided he wanted to try to kill Kuzon. There were even bigger beings in red robes, bowing down to a fountain where the beam was coming from. It started to break.

Kuzon and Zion fought Gotek and Hoodie many times in serious battles, as well as The Doctor, who used his powers to help destroy Kuzon and the others. The day was warm. For 6 short years, from the age of 18 to 24, Kuzon lived this simple life. There were skeletons everytwhere, and the Crew went around, looking at their alternate-timeline-skeletons and reading their fates, which disturbed them.

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in the Other World. Old dirty couches were laying around with people sleeping and having sex on them, with a tiny old TV in the middle. His family and Lookout Crew supported him heavily. There, he wanted to start new, and so he began his 5-Year training session to reach his Ultimate form.

Lord Kuzon holds himself, while Merohan is the main fighter next to Kuzon. In mid 1062, the group landed on another random blue gloomy planet. Kuzon was also well educated, Naleth definitely didn't leave that out, as Naleth saw that as a key part of a child's development. Until it happened. Seejak was destroyed with an arm torn through him. Then, he transformed into a human like form, his ultimate form. He claimed he was angry, because earthlings like them abused volcanoes and heat.

Kuzon learned basic and some unique martial art skills. Hikari had kept going solo, as he tried to find the exit. They seemed no end.

The Galaxy then turns white, and the Crew puts up force fields, Ethan making one around them. The Old man, on the rim of the portal, makes movements, and makes another orange portal appear in the corner of the Skulfn cairn blue one. Because only I know what REAL pride is and you know no bounds in the face of REAL power!". Thus, killing Jashin and wiping him out of existence. Before they left, Kuzon Jr. came, claiming he couldn't get to the Lookout because it was gone...so the barrier must of made the Lookout invisible. Alphabetical First Name Meaning Index. Kuzek (son) They appeared on the Lookout, Kuzon and Ethan and everyone waiting for their families. It was only minutes, before the entire planet had a crack through it and the core was impaled.

“Of course, because you are, aren’t you?”, “Yes,” I said smiling, “But I’d like to do something to seal it.”. Thin, cold layers of snow covered the Lookout. Page RP: Kuzon vs. the 14th Saiyan, an Unforgettable Battle!

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