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He was so coldly efficient in this character that I did not even recognize him as the hapless robber in Pulp Fiction. He goes home to visit his dying mother, Irina (Vanessa Redgrave), and prepares for the assassination, getting drawn back into the criminal community he left behind. Cinemark

The story is above average and Tim Roth is starting to run the risk of stereotyping himself into these kinds of violent characters...but this film will always remain one of my favorites because the simple look of the film affected me. |

[Little Odessa] is neither a family drama nor a crime melodrama, but a series of disconnected scenes that play like exercises -- some of them very good ones. The very tight feeling when you live here. I'm a long time fan of Tim Roth, who doesn't do nearly as much as I'd like him to, these days. |, January 1, 2000 A superior drama, and a stunning debut for director James Gray. Will play best with reality freaks into crime dramas. In 1975, he won the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished criticism.

A memorable film that can handle multiple viewings without losing it's effect !! Cinemark By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy Not there, he says. A great watch for connoisseurs of films, and mobster film in particular. Not there, he says. He can't go back there. (B-). Desperately trying to say something complex, it only manages to look as if it said something that mattered.

| With an unrelatable psychopath at its center and only the strong performances to commend, especially from Tim Roth and Maximilian Schell, this is a failed combination of family drama and crime thriller that falls flat as both, seeming pointless and empty in its poor attempt at saying something. He can't go back there. I've seen him in enough things to know, it's not his fault, it's the writing. Roth always gives a very strong performance and does so again here. There are huge plot holes to go along with an ending that makes little sense. I felt as if the whole crime plot of the movie had been imposed on the underlying story, to make the project more commercial. The image is an example of a ticket confirmation email that AMC sent you when you purchased your ticket. The settings are located to some Russian hole in Brooklyn. | Fresh (11) Never quite reaching its' full potential, Little Odessa still stands as a testament as to the underrated abilities of Tim Roth, while also offering a dark, more realistic look into the mob world than most films. The story is great, the movie is not. For Shootings, Strong Sexuality and Language, Memory House by Brazilian Director Joao Paulo Miranda Maria Wins the Roger Ebert Award at the 56th Chicago International Film Festival, High Powered: Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson on Synchronic, Highlights from Ebert Symposium on Future of Movie Industry, Ebert Symposium 2020: Part 2 Streaming Today, October 22nd, 2020. Verified reviews are considered more trustworthy by fellow moviegoers. "Little Odessa" may be short on story with an obvious absence of the tinselization which comes with big bucks, but it is also honest, unpretentious, and sports an excellent cast.

This is a film without any greater hope, without any greater optimism of our future. He learns that his next job will take him to the Brighton Beach neighborhood of Brooklyn. Little Odessa stars Tim Roth as Joshua, the exiled older son of a Russian family in New York's Brighton Beach, a neighborhood known for its violent and vengeful Russian mob figures.

Just below that it reads "Ticket Confirmation#:" followed by a 10-digit number. Little Odessa's real tragedy, though, is in the wasted talents of its first-rate cast. This scene, inspired perhaps by an equally unpleasant but more plausible scene in "Miller's Crossing," brings the film to a shuddering halt. Your AMC Ticket Confirmation# can be found in your order confirmation email. |, May 19, 1995

Intensively and artistically this film displays a chaotic & desperate family, a destiny very honest and very haunting.

Long separated from his Russian family, hit man Joshua (Tim Roth) returns to Brighton Beach for a contract killing for the Russian Mafia. The snow is falling and people are poor. |, May 6, 2004 great for movie fans, but not for the popcorn-munching masses. Don't have an account? Sign up here. The whole thing builds to a stunning climax. Normally the Russian community in USA is not portrayed too often (Lord of War an exception), and they arrived in a society where they lost a lot of status.

This is an EXCELLENT film, amazing in some parts just by the acting alone. The Italians against the Russians and so on.

Rated R It's a set piece when a dramatic scene is needed. The problems the people feel and the relationships between different individuals. The old against the young. They refer to blacks a "Schwarzes" and Christians as "Goyim", showing no desire to assimilate. It makes you wonder how the director got any production support (and a stellar cast) to make it. Please reference “Error Code 2121” when contacting customer service. Your Ticket Confirmation # is located under the header in your email that reads "Your Ticket Reservation Details". Coming Soon, Regal Little Odessa, also release under the title "Contract killer" is a very effectively and realistically told mobster movie, from the Russian community. Tim Roth...does more with a stare then most can do with words.

This is without a doubt the best debut by a filmmaker in the last decade. He takes up residence in a hotel, and soon everyone knows he has returned.

This 10-digit number is your confirmation number. Also, I hope that whoever was the boom mic operator for this never worked again . this film totally transcends its derivative storyline and machismo-charged genre. He looks up the girl, Alla (Moira Kelly), and they go to a movie.

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