mason bee house diy

The holes should be drilled as deep as possible, all the way through the depth of the post. Getting a uniform pattern will take you a few minutes to organize. The objective of keeping mason bees is to encourage this great pollinator in your garden, and you can bring the best out of them by planting pollinator-friendly plants. -sandpaper (120 and 80) And what a great gift idea for your 5th anniversary! Participated in the Cardboard Contest 2017. I was quite surprised with how many adverts there were though. To start with, you have to think about the layout of the holes before you start drilling. This is necessary so as to prevent any form of elemental distractions of the mason bees inside their nest. So quirky and cute! Mason bees nest inside holes, so if you’re going to build a mason bee house, then you need the holes. Get out and Make a Mason Bee …

Instructions for a Simple DIY Bee House. Reply Things You Need: 4" x 4" x 14" Pine Post (or larger) 5/16" Drill Bit; 6" x 6" x 3/4" thick Pine or Hardwood board; The mason bee house is a simple structure made from a 4x4 pine post. One way to help our your neighborhood pollinator is to build a Mason Bee House! Human activities have threatened both native and non-native pollinators at an alarming rate. I love this! –two 12″ clutch lock bar clamps I'm crazy about dinos! Getting a uniform pattern will take you a few minutes to organize. Whether or not you’re cutting your own wood, make sure your 2″ x 6″ x 8′ board is cut into 18″ pieces. I just want to survive as well. View shop Step-by-step bee hotel guide A box of holes: In a nutshell, you will make or buy a box or container stuffed full of different-sized hollow tubes, which each have a 'dead end' and are 15 cm or so long.

Measure 3″ to the left and the right of that point on the second and fourth boards, and then 3″ out again from those marks so that you have 5 marks on the second and fourth boards.

All you need is a wooden box, open on one side, with a sloping roof to deflect rain. Thanks again!

Thank you! Add your D-rings to the back of your bee home. Painting or staining your house might increase its charm but might also leave too much of a scent for bees to want to hang out. If you notice birds trying to get into your bee house, you can cover the front with chicken wire. The back of the house and the back edge of the roof should also be flush so you can attach it to a tree or wall easily.

Thanks so much! Beginning Beekeeping Supplies – Choosing your Equipment, The Beekeeping Starter Kit: All You Need to Know, How to Hang Your Homemade Mason Bee House, Chalkbrood Disease Treatment for Honey and Mason Bees, An Overview of Mason Bee Pests, Parasites and Predators, Top 13 Best Vintage Bee Jewelry You Can Buy, Amazing Things You Can Make out of Beeswax, How to Package, Label and Transport Honey, Natural Apiary Zephyros Beekeeping Suit Review, European Foulbrood Treatment and Management for Honey Bees, Brushy Mountain Bee Farm English Garden Hive Beginner’s Kit Review, KO1 Bee Hive with Apimaye Handy Frames Review. Since this is such a deep hole, drill in about 1″ and then reverse drill back up to pull out the sawdust.

Fingers crossed we get some tenants soon!

Cut the paper bags into small pieces of paper. Now you just need to wait for the bees to come flying in. £23.99. After you are through with the drilling; make sure the rough edges are smoothed out.

As always, practice safety precautions when using power tools. You will get the same results, the difference is in the speed of the mechanical device as compared to that of the hand-held drill. Then drill down another 1″, reverse back out, and repeat. This is so cool and creative! Unlike the honey bee, the mason bee is friendly and they rarely sting, so there will be no issues if you invite them into your garden as a pollinating agent. Congrats!!!

I received a few comments from bee-loving friends regarding the size of the holes, then after seeing another bee house at our local greenhouse with much smaller holes I decided to look it up.

The Cost of Beekeeping – How Much to Spend? By Rachel Denbow. My mom would love this in her garden. That way, the masons bee will be comfortable inside their nests. My husband is super allergic to honey bees so when I came across this option for mason bees, I got so excited! Clean the wood bee house. Sign up for our newsletter and receive a FREE Autumn Bucket List. They range in sizes and typically are close to half the size of a honey bee.

I’m curious haw this bee-home faired? Mason bees rarely sting (the males don't even have the ability to sting) and are great pollinators for backyard gardens. The following year new tubes will keep things tidy. Great to do in addition to planting flowers.

Within a couple of days, the bees will begin to do their work within the jars. Starting from the top of the post, measure down 2-inches and make a mark on the centerline which will indicate the location for all the first row of holes. The Pink Pineapple Mason bees are a favorite among orchard owners because of their ability to pollinate fruit trees. From climate change to habitat destruction to pesticides, pollinators are on the decline nationwide.

-two #8×2″ wood screws –heavy duty D-ring hanging kit

Supplies: Small waterproof container - Soda bottle, coffee can, etc.



Maybe that could be your next tutorial? A few things to keep in mind while you’re designing your bee house. The Cutting List.

Please leave your comment. We’ve been planning flowers to help the bees, this will be there perfect addition to our garden!

What are your thoughts on this article? -two #8×3″ wood screws Unlike a bird feeder, you’ll need to mount this to a tree, post, or wall so that it’s fixed to a sturdy spot. They are a type of native bee that’s common throughout most of the U.S. 1 way to draw mason bees to your garden is to earn a very simple mason bee paper tube. Mason bee houses should be placed against a flat surface in an area protected from high winds, approximately six feet off the ground and south-facing if possible. Super cute! Mason bees are solitary bees who live in holes rather than hives. The answer lies in the fact that the female bees love laying their eggs inside deep tunnels. This three-tiered bug house is designed to encourage bees and bugs to feed and nest in your garden.

Choose a wildflower mix to plant right on top of the sod stack. Inside their nest, it is a common sight to find groups of female mason bees nesting together.

Hollow reeds or bamboo canes make the mason bee tubes, and empty tin cans make the house. They aren’t an aggressive species since they aren’t making honey that they have to protect so it’s very unlikely that they’ll bother you. I'll have to ask my dad, it was a present a few years back. As long as you have a little patience with the drilling, it’s a snap.

This time again, you have to ensure proper marking of both the top and the bottom of the post, you can then draw another set of lines for the other two rows of holes. The mason bees will find a home that they can proudly call theirs located in a conducive environment, and given the security that they need to carry out their pollination process without any hindrances.

If you use such a wood, then the mason bees will not have a natural attraction to it and they will be discouraged from building their nest inside it. Mason bees naturally look for holes and crevices in wood to lay their eggs so providing a whole bunch of them in an easy location near a garden just makes it easy for them. Using a drill press with a 5/16-inch drill bit, drill the initial holes up the length of your wood block, just as deep as it will go. You may need some mathematical calculations to get it right. Pollinators are an essential part of many ecosystems throughout the United States.

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