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-C i keep seeing ppl wondering and yes friday and braddock were confirmed as lesbians in a relationship w each other! Tagged as daisy. View Mike Watson’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Mike “IdolNinja” Watson, Volition’s Community Developer, confirmed beliefs that Daisy is bisexual. As a big name in the SR modding community, he’s more than proved his dedication to this endeavor, and I would be buying this rerelease for $60 if they weren’t so graciously releasing it for free. I know one is lesbian but I wanted to know. Joining IdolNinja on this project is Jim Boone, a Volition programmer who’s worked extensively on the Saints Row website and will be handling the technical aspects, while IdolNinja is the project manager. We look forward to adding you to our growing list of satisfied customers. The Polygon article I linked to has a lot of great info, but the stream gave a lot more the author didn’t mention. Personally, I’m super excited IdolNinja is the driving force behind this project, because he’s talked at length about how he wants this to be a love letter to the SR community and a platform for modders to turn the game into whatever they want. Expect a proper announcement from volition within the next24 hours! Thanks again Jim, Mike, and Volition for putting in some serious effort to find SR2’s source code and give the game the PC port it deserves! View All Details, 2) Social Media Profiles & More On 1/19/15, Saints Cast member Mitch and I had the very fortunate luck of interviewing Community Manager Mike Watson (IdolNinja) and Associate Producer Kate Nelson. Hollywood has been confirmed as pansexual, but that’s all so far, as far as I know! All Rights Reserved. IdolNinja was hired by Volition due to his outstanding work in the Saints Row modding community, and he mentions on stream that this SR2 rerelease has been one of his personal white whales because he knows the game deserves it. c: A blog for all types of LGBTPQIA+ Agents of Mayhem content. Are there any gay characters? Tagged as hollywood Johnny Gat. Michael or Mike Watson may also refer to: Mike Watson (poker player) (born 1984), Canadian professional poker player. Mike has 8 jobs listed on their profile. Its one major problem is that the PC port is downright terrible, making it a chore to even see the great game underneath the choppy framerate, unplayable vehicle sections and constant crashes. And I agree 100%! Volitions community manager, Mike Watson (IdolNinja) has confirmed a new saints row game is in the works! mrsaintsgodzilla21 obtained an early copy of Agents of MAYHEM. Michael Watson (born 1965) is an English boxer. Volition has announced that they’ve found the source code for the game! Check out the getting started thread! 5:08 DSVolition: well, it is the right month for it, 5:09 DSVolition: I’d like to say we masterminded that, but it’s a happy accident :), Mike Watson in the Braddock character stream chat on 6/22/17.

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