pittsburgh flood 2004

The resulting flooding caused more than $264 million in property damage.

"Immediately, people were trying to salvage their homes," Cinski says. After the plan was approved by county and state environmental officials, each municipality was to adopt ordinances in accordance with it. "I wake up in the morning, I've got birds singing," he says. With his Millvale address just minutes from the city, he's got the kind of tranquil backyard that many people dream of -- when it's not overflowing, at least. The Wharfs were flooded and the Parkway East was shut down. Girty's Run kept safely beneath its walls. We're going to allow it to flood here.'". In Carnegie for instance, Chartier's Creek The unprecedented record rainfall Brian Wolovich doesn't need many more reminders about how damaging floodwaters can be. During a flood, he says, "You scramble: What doesn't need to be saved? "We're addressing what we can address here.". It will take days or weeks to determine the damage in Harrisburg, but it should top $1 million, according to Mayor Stephen R. Reed. Beautiful watercolor works A large shed is swept down the Juniata River in Howe Township, Perry County, Sept. 18, 2004. "I predict to you, Mr. Mayor, that within a reasonable period of time this town is going to be back on its feet, better than ever, more hopeful. And so the city's landscape was transformed from "one marked by flowing streams and a healthy stream ecology into a site almost completely devoid of waterways except for the large rivers.

About 14,000 residents fled their homes as rain damaged thousands of houses and businesses in the state and ravaged several mobile-home parks, according to a survey by The Associated Press. boats littered the riverfronts and Point State Park, but as bad as things Eight bridges were washed away in Fulton County, and a number of buildings in Franklin County were damaged by high winds, authorities said. Allegheny County, for instance, has yet to develop similar plans for the remaining 100 or more municipalities within its borders. 3. flooded with disastrous consequences. In York County, rising water from a tributary of Yellow Breeches Creek flooded the Bank Bridge Mobile Home Park in Fairview Twp.

"There's only so much you can do. Smithfield Street Bridge, 30. Forests, which are often the first casualties of new development, are also among the most useful tools for reducing floods. never before experienced it. inches of rain on the Pittsburgh region. "All 67 counties right now are 21 years past due for getting this done," says Barry Newman, who took over as chief of storm-water planning and management for the state Department of Environmental Protection four years ago. "I think they realize we're all in the same boat.". "After the 2004 flood, they left [the creek] the way it was," he says. This is the city of Pittsburgh on September 19, 2004, shortly after Hurricane Ivan dumped a record 5.95 inches of rain on the Pittsburgh region. How are we going to come out of this?' For many of Wolovich's neighbors, last year's floods drummed up the memories of all the floods before -- and highlighted how little had been done in the years between.

Similar purchasing is going on in Hampton Township. Replanting previously developed lands, by contrast, can actually increase the amount of water that is intercepted. Almost 9,500 customers in the Harrisburg area had no electricity last night, according to PPL. ", Meanwhile, neglected infrastructure and shortsighted planning region-wide have created an especially disgusting dilemma when it floods.

"I think by and large, most of the counties are starting now, but some of that movement has just happened in the last three or four months.".

The basement of the borough office was filled with water. Otherwise, businesses might simply opt to avoid Allegheny and its new rules. "There's no communications up there where we fish, so when I came back along Chartiers Creek, I said, 'Oh, my God.

Another 15 are currently negotiating a deal. View from the Northshore .

on September 19, 2004, shortly after Hurricane Ivan dumped a record 5.95 Carnegie, PA is my hometown. There needs to be a plan for maintenance." It's nasty."

Looking for Photos/Video from Millvale Flood 2004. 4. reached the interchange overpass. The problem is the development upstream. ", Gourley says enforcement of Act 167 still lags because Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection has "a small staff and a small budget to carry this out. Residents of B & K Mobile Home Park near Newport fled after it was flooded by the swollen Juniata River. Front of Alcoa Building .

10. ", The community started to scrape its way back. control measures taken Allegheny County is among the remaining 15 counties, which are the farthest from setting up a countywide plan.

Shaler's southwest corner sits in the Girty's Run watershed, but most of the township drains into Pine Creek. To make matters worse, during floods, sewage and storm water mix. "Channelizing" streams -- cutting them into big trenches and walling them off like waterslides, as has been done with Girty's Run -- has also proven problematic. Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services of Western Pennsylvania. Floodwaters even seeped through the wrought-iron gate around the Governor’s Residence, and several geese floated by on the muddy brown water on the street outside. The constant downpours of Ivan on As the waters grow during a flood, "the noise is like a freight train back here," he says. Donate.

River Ave. (just before Nearly 2,000 families have been served with an average of $500 per family being spent. Pittsburgh's Golden Shaler Manager Tim Rogers says Shaler has already purchased 38 homes and two vacant lots, and is looking to buy four more pieces of property. "The other big problem was you had Hurricane Katrina right after this."

In March, the DEP signed off on the plan, which means the municipalities must adopt the model ordinance by Oct. 5, 2008 -- almost 30 years to the day after Act 167 was first signed into law. One year ago this month, Girty's Run spilled over its walls twice in one week. Point State Park (with salvaged I think they thought that they had calmed it down some and they were going to do more work. overflow their banks, bringing flooding to parts of the region that had The remnants of Hurricane Ivan dumped from 4 to 7 inches of rain in central Pennsylvania Sept. 18-19, 2004. View from front of Lincoln were in the downtown area, the destruction paled in comparison to places (Photo courtesy of Fred F. Shankweiler). But a severe storm like Ivan -- the sort of storm some studies say may become more common as Earth's climate warms -- could easily push those limits.

Kraynyk believes that people are starting take responsibility for the world around them. After the flood, the borough received promises from President George W. Bush that better times were ahead. occured both in the city proper and the nearby communities. Almost half of the households in Millvale, for instance, have an annual income of less than $25,000, according to the 2000 census. "There was a lack of funding and other issues. "They're saying, 'We're not going to build here. It's not seen as a functional ecosystem that is providing a highly functional, natural service that benefits the public.". Runaway boats littered the Point Just a few miles north of Millvale, six lanes of McKnight Road run through a cluster of strip malls and fast-food restaurants. For instance, the Nine Mile Run Watershed Association, an East End advocacy group, has attached about 700 55-gallon rain barrels to the downspouts of homes in communities that drain into Nine Mile Run, a Monongahela River tributary. During the first August 2007 flood, the water got into Wolovich's basement, wrecking his hot-water tank. The plans stalled. amount came only weeks after Hurricane Francis dumped a record 3.60 inches. "The managers were pretty cordial about the whole thing," Roller says. It's also going to take more than moving people out of harm's way. The sheer number of municipalities in Allegheny County, explains Newman, and the variations in codes and planning in each, have made it hard to get things going. The Parkway East along the Mon Wharf Shaler Township, which borders Millvale to the northeast, has started buying up at-risk properties in an area in the Pine Creek floodplain. It is called the bathtub. Floodwater from a Centre County creek threatened the American Philatelic Society in Bellefonte, soaking the carpet but sparing the stamps. It's also not practical for every community. "When we channelize creeks, we're addressing the wrong end of the problem ... and we're actually increasing the velocity of the volume of water that's going through," says Court Gould, executive director of Sustainable Pittsburgh, a nonprofit that promotes environmentally conscious development. "There's no way around [it]. A whole block of families had flooded basements and threw away most of their possessions.

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