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FAN ZONE . ⚽️ Once we have an idea on who is coming back then we can look at the areas that we may need to fill. After talking with other coaches in the league about how they operate, and our experience with our men’s team, we thought we had a great opportunity to do something in our area. In 2006 we formed the St. Louis Lions men’s’ team as a part of the PDL (now USL2). Corporate Partners . As far as preparations for 2021, we will first reach out to those players on the squad who we hope to have back for the season. Lions Announce Tryouts for the 2020 WPSL Season! 2020 Coming Soon! 9 months ago. However, we were able to take away things from the season that will help us prepare for others to come. St. Louis Lions. YouTube . Anything else we should know about your club? Under the Lights. Become a Sponsor . Twitter . Corporate Partners . Claire was instrumental in the success of the defense that gave up less than a goal a game. Getting the players to adapt to a style of play in that short time frame can be hard for everyone. We were actually the first team to beat them on their home pitch in 7 years. Then in 2018 we formed the St. Louis Lions women’s’ team as a part of the WPSL. In case you missed it! However, she is one of the most dynamic players on the ball in the league. Lions Announce Tryouts for the 2020 WPSL Season! I have tried to keep in contact via emails just to continue to check in and see how things are going. Camps . We began to do some research on the league and the quality of the teams around us. It is hard to just mention two of them. It has been tough especially with restrictions on meeting and training. Lions Player Hannah Larson Makes History as Female Kicker for Hickman. This was a great opportunity for the boys in our club to strive to play at a higher level after the U19 season. 2020 Coming Soon! SCOTTISH PREMIER LEAGUE PARTNER . We are excited to have her back. Is it talent development, winning the league, growing the brand, or something else entirely? These are things that we work on in all of our sessions as we want to try and implement our style of play in a very short time frame. I also try to get out to as many high school and college games that I can to get a look at players who may fit in to our style of play. Before that they had never lost at home. How would you describe your clubs style of play? The Fire and Ice have a very competitive squad year after year and they elevate the quality of the play in the league. Facebook . I want to see our players building out of the back, showing comfort and composure on the ball, possession with a purpose through midfield, and players showing creativity and having the ability to take players on in the attacking third of the field. The league is set up where we play 8-10 games in about a month in a half. As the owner of the St. Louis Lions, Tony Glavin has been a fixture in growing the game in the St. Louis area for over 25 years. It doesn’t matter if it is a youth player just starting in the game or a collegiate player who may be looking to advance into the professional side. I had spoken to a few other coaches that I wish we had about 4-5 more games because Maddie was really beginning to breakout and adjust. I could mention Stacie Muehling (defender) who has played in the most games in our, short, franchise history (18). ... 2020 ST. LOUIS LIONS, ELITE ACADEMY COLLEGE ID CAMP ANNOUNCED! Three years ago I and our General Manager, Kevin Hecht, approached our Club Director (Tony Glavin) about starting a WPSL team. In Case You Missed It. What lessons did you learn? They are a very competitive squad who were new to the league last year. USL Super Y . They won our conference and we lost to them at their place and tied them at home. FAN ZONE . We hope that all of our fans, players and coaching staff are staying safe. We were really happy with our season. So I must say the quality of the players, and the quality of the league, is top notch. So that match really elevated our progress within the league. One of the goals set forth by our Club Director, Tony Glavin, was to make sure we had a complete player pathway for those players who wanted to seek out a higher level of soccer at the older ages. We wanted to know if this was something we could start up for our club. Last season your club was competitive, but ended up third in a very challenging conference. YouTube . This was a great opportunity for the boys in our club to strive to play at a higher level after the U19 season. She is an attacking mid player for us, could probably benefit from using her speed to play out wide. Then in 2018 we formed the St. Louis Lions women’s’ team as a part of the WPSL. Who do you see as your biggest WPSL rivals? Partners . We believe if we move the ball quick then we can take advantage of the space in behind our opponents and not let them organize defensively. We don’t want to get have many gaps in our lines. Instagram . Coming off of the 2018 season, which was our first in the league, we thought we had a better understanding of the competitiveness of the play. We have had a men’s team in USL2 since 2006 and we had always been looking to add a women’s team to the club. Then in 2018 we formed the St. Louis Lions women’s’ team as a part of the WPSL. We improved in many statistical categories from year 1 to year 2 and that was a tribute to the hard work of the players during training. Every player has got to continue to work on the technical side of the game. Our roster is typically about 80% local players. My name is Geoff Lorimier and I am the Head Coach of the team and Director of Coaching for our youth club (TG Lions Academy). Instagram . 636-939-5151 St. Louis is a very competitive market for the game. She scored 3 goals and assisted on 3 others to finish with 9 points in just 8 games. USL Super Y . In Case You Missed It. Thunder Bay Chill. We also have a decent rivalry with Elite Girls Academy out of Omaha, Nebraska. As the players development within the league improves so will the quality of our results. MORE NEWS. Our biggest rival is the Fire and Ice. We just want to continue to give these players the opportunity to play/train in a competitive environment that will allow them to continue to focus on their goals in the game. She just finished her senior year in high school and is committed to St. Louis University for the fall season. Maddie Bauer – Maddie had her first season with us last year. PROUD MEMBER OF THE USL ... 2020 4v4 Youth Tournament . Photos . LIVESTREAM & VIDEOS . They are about 40 minutes from us in Belleville, Illinois and a lot of our players know each other and have played with each other. The main thing that I learned was that the depth of the squad that we put out on the field is very important to the overall success of the team. Can you tell us about 1 or 2 of your players? 2020 ST. LOUIS LIONS, ELITE ACADEMY COLLEGE ID CAMP ANNOUNCED! She is a strong player who can play with her back to the goal and come to receive the ball to allow for us to get numbers up, but she is also quick on the ball and can take players on. For any additional questions, please contact the St. Louis Lions team office at 636-939-5151, or send an e-mail to general manager, Kevin Hecht, We wish for everyone’s safety so that we can see you at future games. St. Louis is known as a hotbed for soccer talent, what's your focus as a club? Become a Sponsor . LIVESTREAM & VIDEOS . LION'S CAPTURE PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD THANKS TO OUR PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER BILL BARRETT! Partners . 2020 ST. LOUIS LIONS, ELITE ACADEMY COLLEGE ID CAMP ANNOUNCED! We enjoy playing them as they have been very competitive matches. I want to make sure they know that we are here for them beyond the 1-2 month season. In 2006 we formed the St. Louis Lions men’s’ team as a part of the PDL (now USL2). MORE NEWS. Our club started in 1994 as a youth club (TG Lions Academy) to boys and girls from the ages of U8-U19. We have been very fortunate to have two outstanding goalkeepers in Olivia Silverman (who is now my assistant coach) and Mary Niehaus. WPSL delays opening weekend to May 29 in lieu of COVID-19. I believe that if the player development continues for our team/club then winning the games will happen as well. We have seen her growth in the game in the short time she has been with us. So who are you and how did you get involved with St Louis Lions? Check back to the St. Louis Lions official website and social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook) for updates. For information on group tickets and special events please call. WPSL . This includes giving them things that they can be working on their own with or just answering their questions that they may have about the game. With the extended offseason, how are you keeping in contact with your players and preparing for 2021? We have a lot of players coming from other schools who may play a different style and we want to bring them altogether very quickly. Hannah is a tough player who doesn’t get knocked off the ball and can play high intensity for 90 minutes. Facebook . WPSL . We like to see the ball moving quick with 1-2 touch passes to keep the ball moving to create space for attacking opportunities. In 2018, Claire was named the Goalkeeper Coach of the St. Louis Lions WPSL team. This fantastic club fields a very competitive men's team in the PDL and we are proud that they have chosen the WPSL to showcase great women's talent in the St. Louis area. This process takes a bit of time, but we really want to make sure that our club can be competitive in the league and represent the league in a positive manner. That said from our youth club on up, we have always been about individual player development. These are just two of the players but we really have quality in all of our players. Don’t get me wrong, we want to win every time we step on the pitch, however, we don’t want to do it at the expense of the development of each. Coach Lovercheck worked with the Lions Goalkeepers on their strength, fitness, skill, and agility. In 2006 we formed the St. Louis Lions men’s’ team as a part of the PDL (now USL2). We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. League & Club Partners . That said, I think it is important for our youth players to see what they can do, and the level they have available to them, if they continue to work hard in the game. SCOTTISH PREMIER LEAGUE PARTNER . View More. They won the National Championship in 2017 and continue to be a tough opponent. You scored a lot of goals, 26 in 10 matches.

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