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It gives us another outlet, and to allow us to get the right pricing for our pipelines, and for our oil.”, The argument for Trans Mountain is that by being able to sell oil at Brent prices in the global market, it would lift prices on the continent. The rail facility at Cromer offers the rail option for any other facility on the North American rail system. The assets sold are liquids pipelines and related facilities in southeast Saskatchewan and southwest Manitoba, and include the Saskatchewan Gathering and Weyburn gathering systems as well as the Westspur trunk line. Search Search. <>endobj Tundra Energy Marketing Limited (TEML) Announces Name Change to KINGSTON MIDSTREAM, Better Reflecting Customer Base, Service Offering and Plans for Future Growth. 2234 Shipper commercial arrangements and contracts are expected to remain in place and it is expected that crude oil and NGL volumes delivered from the assets will continue to flow onto the Enbridge Mainline at Cromer. Calgary – The deal to sell Enbridge Inc. and Enbridge Income Fund Inc.’s south prairie region assets to Tundra Energy Marketing Limited (TEML) for $1.075 billion in cash closed on Dec. 1.. d� News Release – Calgary, Alberta – June 17, 2019 Tundra Energy Marketing Limited (TEML), announced... Read more. stream Your support is vital to helping us provide free local news. Gerichtsentscheid voraussichtlich Ende August In der "Rheinischen Post" vom 15. You have to look at how much volume, the length of the pipe, how many other producers that can be tied into the pipe, to make the best decision for our shareholders as well. “Not like the oilsands discount. ���RV�"�j/sB�� Hwf3�t�7C�pV�W"����HKC�A��嗝̻~ۯ�nȗ��^��� /Contents 5 0 R 1 0 obj *'�����1�TkE “If you’re downstream of Kerrobert, you’re not typically getting apportioned on the Enbridge Mainline.”. T?G�-.�햭"*�CT�-��/_L�w��!��!s�ƀ�_��7e�x s��6C;ܒwsLɾ����? Das Oberverwaltungsgericht in Münster hat den Termin zur CO-Pipeline auf den 19. ", Forrester said, “Just recognize, from a commercial perspective for producers in Saskatchewan, it’s not pipeline capacity on TEML which is an issue, it’s the takeaway capacity from Canada which is depressing prices. He said they’ve had great conversations with CEOs, including Crescent Point’s, Craig Bryska. 3 0 obj ���ܢ`L�*�{�Is�%&�6� ����/��7i��x.���`�?BD��V��'�n��j�����&��}p�샏~X%� lA��-D1)�����9���^�<6p�;l{;���A�����b�Ԇ9bwl�g�9���`�u���Ÿ]�6pEҡ�yr���T��NiN�����j֓/�W;׈ �������]W�����~�����A�H����J™)��������F� "G�����@. It had been move to Edmonton a few years ago. Trucking Association promoting the industry, Prairie Hotshot has expanded and earned praise, Pipeline right-of-way reclamation nears the finish line, A Weyburn ‘Good Samaritan’ rewarded for feeding drivers in pandemic. “To get two premiers, to talk over lunch, who are that supportive, of our industry? “That’s our job, to give the producer any option they want to choose.”. 9. ��[9�~�xb��s�+�o"����t�p��Y�/���G�r�-��'��V�����ʛ � �q��UT%=U������"x�7},8��$�z��5���ٰ�,���]�>k����&�A}E-3? This will search only documents within the current folder. 5�ZJQS)'j�LEP!�djJyS.�rj5�ZAͤ"�E�J*��fQ��pj>�C���z����)Gʃ�2�&Pj����OV ��(�QG}f�iTj����q�q mEϦ;��fm�06��ܸ0.����Ή&{L�L��.2m00��Y�Y���[�ϡ�RV��j�=p3���)v{�"�+����`����2Q.6 <> /Rotate 0>> Das nach den Laborbefunden verwendete Nervengift Nowitschok könne man schließlich nicht in der Drogerie kaufen. 4��]b���l(`1���8��� Kevin Armstrong (vice-president, operations) has been showing me around, introducing me to a lot of folks, because I’ve only been with TEML for a little over half a year now. “It’s a lot better to be working together, collaboratively, than fighting. But, obviously, any other options that go by our infrastructure would be welcome, because you always want to provide your customers with options. Line 3 Replacement, TMX approved; Northern Gateway rejected, Fox News anchors quarantine after virus exposure on flight, Turkish media report explosion in town near Syrian border, Sobeys next in line to hike supplier fees after Loblaw, Metro, analysts say, Canada women's security envoy sees rising authoritarian control during COVID-19, Fast Trucking to receive Award of Merit from Sask. The national discourse has often referred to a shortage of pipeline capacity. So we’re encouraging producers to drill more wells and bring on more production, and we need to help connect them to the system.”, Enbridge noted in an email on June 26, "The space on the Enbridge Mainline system past Cromer varies and is dependent on pricing and market dynamics. Gleichzeitig geht das Gericht davon aus, dass ein einzelner Tag womöglich nicht ausreichen wir, so dass weitere Termine am 20., 21. und 28. Asked how it would impact TEML, Hand said, “It impacts us by providing better economics to the producer who is then going to drill more wells, bring more production onto our system. ����=�m���� �M�>�ω�LJ��"�,�k�ld-d��_�laG׶��_M;�e��Xl�'�,^��vf�{-Y�E�p�O�f~�o0�ܬM�UT���-�����{0!��w��%�J���̜bN.���A��,��n�]�E�Irr�c0�NU/��T3�2*((0�gp�B/AI��L�ѿ�DdEeh*FW.n;�z6����l�C�'��,����W`9�y}|�J�6V��V��ȮK�������7 �6Wk�s>�ޓH�R� 6�>�&0g)��Z� �R��,LtB�,k�t;�+�������������O^�!L��}{�& ��0���x:v�s���b� q��� XrF*2�d�$k7�A��p�#�w���Ӟ����\��T�� :��M? %PDF-1.4 August 2020 terminiert. << /Type /Pages /Kids [ If the Energy East pipeline project had gone ahead, with it’s planned Cromer Lateral, TEML would have been in a position to offer southeast Saskatchewan and southwest Manitoba producers the ability to greatly broaden their potential clients. Perhaps when it’s warmer the Enbridge markings on the tanks at the Midale terminal will be replaced by those for Tundra Energy Marketing Limited. He noted they’ve made some changes, with Armstrong now as vice president of operations in Estevan. But any pipelines, multiple pipelines, that get crude out of Canada, and get it to tidewater, it’s a good thing. �X?���h���}]�~ȮL���+(ڧ�O`u�V�S�\��TT>|҇�1�! The Kingston Midstream system ties into the Enbridge Mainiline at Cromer, Man. <> That dispute, which had gone to the National Energy Board, is now behind them. Jim Hand, who recently took over the reigns of the top job, spoke to Pipeline Newson June 5. Environmental Licence As the proposed NPS 6 pipeline is longer than 10km in length, an Environmental License will be required.

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