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Jamie Lloyd’s inventive production has its tongue planted firmly in its cheek at the St James’s Theatre. Certainly: “The Producers” and “Chicago,” to take two examples currently on Broadway, are full of knowing jokes and cutting references to theatrical artifice, but they also give us full-blooded characters and stories drawn from life, not other shows; irony is the seasoning, not the whole meal. The show ends with the people of the revolution successfully crushing the monopoly and winning their freedom. ‘Urinetown’ is an anti-musical. The repetitive narration requires no effort from the audience to understand, and thus one is given little opportunity to contemplate the characters or the plot. For me, the show could be more didactically alarmist still. No one knows what awaits them in Urinetown, but no one in this town seems interested in figuring out where Urinetown is either, just as no one is addressing the devastating drought, which is the true reason that they are paying to pee.

But by the second act, the show belongs to Benjamin Chow as toilet-custodian-turned-hero-of-the revolution Bobby Strong. Tongue in cheek is clearly the tone of choice for Off Broadway musicals this season. ...a strange mix of potent political satire and gloriously juvenile parody that makes for a hilarious evening that packs a serious intellectual punch.
Call 6348-5555 or go here. Despite the dubious name, which only at the very beginning prevented the show to win the stages of Broadway, ‘Urinetown’ perfectly reflects the essence of satire and parody of the modern capitalist society. Due to a 20-year drought, the government of a small town has colluded with the monopoly Urine Good Company to charge the poor for using public toilets. So when it was announced that director Jamie Lloyd would be mounting a new production of the Greg Kotis and Mark Hollman dystopian musical comedy at the St James’s Theatre, interest was ignited for many reasons. In the show, citizens who are too poor to pay for the use of public toilets are sent to Urinetown, a town not far away from their own town. The simple plot pits the oppressed poor masses against a small band of greedy, rich overlords. But the numbers themselves, cocking a vague snook at Les Misérables, aren't as witty or as memorable as the self-conscious smartness of it all seems to promise, and ultimately it's as laboured as the toilet puns that this review has done its best to avoid. “What kind of a musical is this?” shrieks Little Sally. Lloyd uses the small stage well, splitting the action over two levels to maximise the space. Will there be a part 2? His daughter Hope is played with wonderfully disingenuous ingenuousness by Thompson, a lovely actress and fine singer.

A bad place. This makes the story a mockery of high ideals and their impracticality. The torn, ragged clothes contrast with the fancy suits. See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, Flushed with success on Broadway, where it ran for three years, this bizarre show finally makes it to London. Urinetown review. In a futuristic society where it is illegal to use the restroom for free, people struggle with the need to use the bathroom and pay the fees.

Clearly, the show is an assault on the mercantile exploitation of natural functions. Express. Desperate queues form outside the archetypal ‘Amenity Number 9’, whose young and dashing cleaner Bobby Strong (Richard Fleeshman) is suddenly radicalised by the arrest and abduction of his father for peeing in public. Each of the principle characters is given such vitality and dimension by the actors. © Copyright 2020 Variety Media, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. You need more than spare change, however, to go to the toilet in the urban dystopia envisaged by Greg Kotis's book. It’s hard to care about characters if you don’t believe in their world. The casting director for this production deserves an award, if only there was one! ... Urinetown: The Musical. Director Jamie Lloyd has invested the constant mockery with copied images from the iconic productions, such as a chorus of Brechtian characters complete with placards and banners. But the show does more than mock the failure of bureaucracy. Urinetown is a puerile new satire at the Apollo Theatre, London [JOHAN PERSSON] He actually seems to rule the whole place and his supremacy … Urinetown is a puerile new satire at the Apollo Theatre, London [JOHAN PERSSON].

Welcome to Urinetown, a town not far away from ours.” Urinetown is the first musical Macalester put on this semester. Photo courtesy of the set designer, Erica Zaffarano.“What is Urinetown? I’ll be coming back to your site for more soon. The storyline takes place in the not too distant future. The musical … Urinetown the place is … well, it’s a place you’ll hear people referring to a lot throughout the show.

(“Urinetown’s” last-minute stabs at social commentary, including a reference to Malthus, can’t really be taken seriously.). Jamie Lloyd's buoyant production, however, confirms the truth of another adage: that casting is nine-tenths of showbiz success. What gives Urinetown its gaiety, however, is its parodic, self-referential tone. Enter Little Sally (Spencer Kayden), pig-tailed and precious: “Say, Officer Lockstock, is this where you tell the audience about the water shortage?” “Everything in its time, Little Sally. No, my objection is the flimsiness of a show that seems to expect us to love it for its taboo-busting daring, rather than what they've done with the idea.

But this all makes sense when one discovers that the musical is a self-mockery as well. order back issues and use the historic Daily Express Mark Hollmann's score, and the lyrics he co-wrote with Kotis, also offer a sustained pastiche of the popular musical. Hollmann’s music eventually strays far from the mock-Weillian strains of its beginnings, going on to embrace romantic balladry in the Bernstein “West Side Story” mode as well as a bit of Kander & Ebb jazz and, eventually, gospel. Lloyd could have very easily plundered much more from these sources, but his ingenuity lies in just picking out the ones that sit in the collective consciousness of the audience, the ones that are now part of our popular culture. Similarly the inventive choreography by Ann Yee manages to keep the movements fast and dynamic, while containing the dances to the small stage area.
Tongue in cheek is clearly the tone of choice for Off Broadway musicals this season. “I don’t think too many people are going to come and see this musical.” That, at least, is fake news. The tone is set soon after a musically audacious overture mixing jazz and baroque textures, as Officer Lockstock (Jeff McCarthy) welcomes us with stern self-seriousness to Urinetown — “not the place, of course. This city is represented by Eucien Chia’s neo-noirish urban set, lushly lit by James Tan. The casting director for this production deserves an award, if only there was one! St James's, London A formidable cast saves this musical pastiche from undermining its … Posted on October 22, 2014 October 22, 2014 by ckolset. Jonathan Slinger works hard as the policeman/narrator, even if he has largely given up on his Gotham accent by the finale, and the rest of the company have a lot of fun with the lively choreography. The supporting cast of misfits are reminiscent of a Victorian freak show, individually grotesque and full of buoyant energy. Urinetown takes the piss out of capitalism, totalitarianism, socialism and the very notion of creating art from any of the above.

Saturday, the 11th of October, I had the privilege to see “Urinetown the musical” book and lyrics by Greg Kotis and directed by Jamie Lloyd at the Apollo theatre.

With this standard, Urinetown is a show that probably entertains you for a little while, but lacks real substance. Jenna Russell, brandishing a cigarette as if it were a lethal weapon, is very funny as the ferocious guardian of the urinals. 2 Responses to “Urinetown review: “It’s a privilege to pee”””. When the ruthless but intelligent leader of the fees raises the fee, a rebellion against taxation on urination begins. I just would like to offer you a big thumbs up for your great information you have here on this post. Thank goodness satire is not fake news, as the Media Literary Council presumed earlier this month, because Pangdemonium’s hysterically funny satire is the most fun this reviewer has had at the theatre in the past six months. Director John Rando (“The Dinner Party”) has staged the show with peppy comic flair. Urinetown claims to be a pastiche of Les Miserables, but it does not do the play justice. Copyright Singapore Press Holdings Ltd. Co. Reg. Welcome "Urinetown," a self-consciously preposterous musical with a more respectable antecedent -- Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill's "Threepenny Opera" -- but a more spectacularly unsavory title. For tickets for Urinetown at the Apollo Theatre, London, call 0844 482 9671 or visit urinetown.co.uk. Simon Paisley Day and Jenna Russell are underused as evil Caldwell and toilet-keeper Miss Pennywise. The irony of a US musical attacking widespread exploitation, unsustainable living and corporate greed is not lost on the audience in London, but Urinetown is more than a piece of political theatre; it is self-referential comic bliss to boot.

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