what true story was girl fight based on

Most people would find that bizarre and off-putting and would certainly not deserve to be killed over it.

I thought Kirsten was a very pretty little thing. That dont Justify Murder. Love your integrity on all this. We didn’t want to associate with them, cause we didn’t want to get in trouble… We got good grades and did what we were suppose to, our way of (having fun) and “Choices” were different than theirs. Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization, earns a small affiliate fee from Amazon or iTunes when you use our links to make a purchase. “Well based on the movie…” Yeah, that’s your problem. I heard from an article from her friends mom, Kirsten wasn’t exclusive and liked everyone. You need to educate yourself before speaking on things you have no clue about. Too bad Bernadette WAS a pathetic psychopathic freak. Lisa I totally agree. Vanessa I agree… I knew both girls. My Abuse Story. Finally, as an aside, I think some people need to learn the difference between fiction and reality.

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In USA is more important to be popular, not smart, no matter how you treat others – you become popular just because you say some joke or anything else to molest the person. As for LF aka LP she just disappeared off the map somehow. Bernadette was/is just a mental case. She was Popular, and, she was also nice at times, she just was “Stuck on herself”. Yes it’s ok to talk, but run it into the ground, it gets old after awhile. I just read on You tube on her recipe Video where she is sick now. Attractive and hard-working, they fit easily into their new neighborhood. She is paying for it like they said in her chess pie recipe. One person said Missy was mean and a bully and she bullied them bad well that person and you are the same, Justifying Murder cause someone was mean, or Stuck up. Additionally, the Bernadette character was portrayed as sweet and innocent, while a sexy twenty-something Tori Spelling played the part of the 15 year old Kirsten. Wondering if Girl Fight is OK for your kids? A self-described brainiac, 16-year-old Haley enters her senior year of high school determined to have some more fun. She was also friends with people who were considered popular. More like a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model than a Playboy type.”. Kirsten understandably didn’t appreciate the fact that she was lured out of her house under false pretences, so she left Bernadette’s car. Despite how she’s best known, and though she officially had a place on the squad for the upcoming school year, her life was ended before she ever got to cheer for the MHS team.

She only confessed cause the FBI was cornering her, and she had no where to turn to. If Bernadette isn’t depressed it would be a Miracle. Bernadette couldn’t of been to nice, she Murdered and watched 2 girls take the blame knowing it took a toll on thier lives and Families. Your email address will not be published.

My comments aren’t “gossip”. I didn’t know Kirsten very well. I read alot om her to. If you weren’t Popular she looked down on you just as bad as Kirsten did. Some girls considered all those girls “Stuck up” they considered Bernadette as well.

No one is bothering her anymore. Stuck up she was, no Bully. You named all of Kirsten’s friends. I clearly remember hearing about the shocking murder — a frightening mystery that colored every day and night in Orinda until an arrest was made. Parents: Set preferences and get age-appropriate recommendations with Common Sense Media Plus. As Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato and countless other stars have told us in recent months, bullying is a cycle that must be broken. If you liked this post, please share it! They were more aquainted than you think. So Vanessa I answer your questions.

The last girl fight i saw involved my ex wife and a woman I had been seeing.

She reminds me of Stacey Dash a little. It depicts the tragic world of bullying, but also sends a message of forgiveness, says Jodelle Ferland, 16, plays Haley, the girl attacked by her peers. Alexa welcomes her into the fold after she does her a few favors, but not all of the popular girls like her. I know right.

You have no idea what you are talking about with Columbine. You never give examples of what Kirsten did. Sweet Melancholy my tail.

To much detailed stuff if you ask me. She is Crazy obviously, has enough problems and has to deal with murdering Kirsten and that doesn’t help. Kirsten was beautiful. With Anne Heche, James Tupper, Jodelle Ferland, Tess Atkins. I hear Bernadette is depressed a lot these days. She and her BFF were both Odd. Karen I read your comments n I totally agreed with you. If we have the fear of God n understand the importance of God’s creation.

I agree Bernadette should of at least got 20 years like (Karen Severson and Laura Doyle) murder of Missy Availa, that happened a year after Kirstens like 5 hours South of us.

I think Bernadette’s Youtube is fake now. Movie portrayed Kirsten as a Snotty girl, when really she was just down to Earth and Vivacious and fun Loving. Are you suggesting by your comment “Kirsten had is well deserved” that Kirsten “deserved” to be murdered because she understandably didn’t take kindly to being lured out of her house under false pretences to a bobbie (sorority) dinner that didn’t exist by someone she wasn’t friends or even acquaintances with and was then driven to an empty car-park at night. The script for the movie was written by Randall Sullivan who wrote the one-sided scathingly critical “Death of a Cheerleader” article for Rolling Stone, which the movie was based on. What a bizarre story. Also, HELL NO Bernadette was not cuter, or prettier then Kirsten. Lots of computers and video cell phones (iPhones, etc. I could call you out but I wont. She may live a Quiet life, but she is still a Killer. Killed a girl because you were jealous? ), but no logos are visible. We are simple people. Is it respectful to suggest that Kirsten’s parents “should have raised her better” and that they are to “blame” for her murder?

Or going by the Movie portrayed, Deadly Women had Kirsten as a down to Earth Girl who loved all.

And whenever she went to that parking lot to say that she admired Kirsten, that’s probably the reason why she said her friend “Got weird.” I would have gotten weirded out too if my friend addmitted that she thought that I was perfect, pretty, and good at everything.

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